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Workshop – Diversity hiring and workforce planning strategies for the changing face of work.

Jul 16th, 2019

Date: Thursday 15th of August
Time: 8:00am – 11:00am
Location: Canadian Women’s Foundation
Cost: $375+

Register for the workshop here. Spaces are limited.

25% of all jobs across every job category will be disrupted due to automation over the next few years. The future of work is already happening.

How prepared are you for the changing state of work and the implications for your workforce strategy?

This three-hour workshop is designed to bring critical stakeholders involved in workforce planning and talent management together on a journey of foresight, discovery and strategy in order to thrive in the increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving talent marketplace.

As the workforce becomes steadily more diverse, it presents employers with a myriad of both opportunities and challenges.

In this workshop, leaders from multiple industries and backgrounds come together to develop a united vision of the challenges and opportunities that the rapid adoption of emerging technologies will have on workforce planning. Through a gender and equity lens, participants will explore strategies to keep their team, company and career competitive.

We will help you understand what is happening now, what could happen next and how it will impact your diversity workforce strategy. You will:

  • Gain an understanding of how digitalization is transforming work and the implications for your workforce.
  • Identify the opportunities and threats in the future of work through a diversity lens.
  • Start preparing strategies for the future of work now.

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“The roundtable discussion was great . I really liked the mapping exercise – I haven’t seen that program before and I like that it brings people together to do-create something tangible as a group.”

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