What happens to your goals when you’re in quarantine?

It’s a question that’s top-of-mind for many of us. The global pandemic has caused a seismic shift in every area of our lives in such a short period of time, and those (previously laid) best-laid plans for your job or client search, business growth or career path may no longer make sense.

Cheryl Himburg, one of tellent’s executive coaches, had a few strategies to share with us on how to address our most immediate challenges and think creatively given the world’s circumstances.

  1. Plan for 12-week cycles

Cheryl says the book, The 12 Week Year, changed her life and how she plans and executes on her goals. “In normal times, a 12-week year creates a sense of urgency for our goals,” she said. “We can leverage that right now when things are changing so rapidly and there are so many variables beyond our control.”

Cheryl suggests looking at the next three months ahead and determining what goals need to be prioritized based on your current circumstances and immediate market conditions.

“We don’t want to make long-term decisions with short-term emotions,”

she said. “Planning for a 12-week cycle allows you greater clarity and vision, and creates stronger alignment to your daily actions.”

  1. Identify what’s MOST important

Time is our greatest commodity, and it’s crucial to identify where you really need to be.

What truly matters for you right now? Are you dealing with a layoff and need to look for your next income source? Are you struggling to juggle a work day with childcare and homeschooling? Are you trying to keep your business afloat?

Create attainable goals supported by daily actions that serve what you need most for your business, career or life at this time.

  1. It’s about flow, not balance

Even without the unprecedented pressures of the coronavirus pandemic on our lives, the idea of work-life balance often feels unrealistic. Instead, Cheryl prefers work-life flow. At times, work will take up more of your attention; at others, your life and family need more of you, especially now if you have kids at home. 

Her advice, “Establish the parameters within which you can create your flow, knowing that each day doesn’t need to be “perfect.” Now more than ever, it’s a time to allow yourself some grace.”

If you need support during this time to navigate your challenges and clarify your personal and professional goals, get in touch with Cheryl directly.

Cheryl Himburg is an Executive Coach, Certified 12 Week Year Trainer, and High-Performance Consultant. She is an active member and contributor to the tellent community. Every Thursday in our community platform, you get direct access to our team of expert coaches in live virtual events. Join us to get advice and clarity on your questions, options and choices. 

Pivot, but don’t pause

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