Video: Develop & Promote your Personal Brand

Does the idea of self-promotion make you want to throw up? For many people, the answer is “Yes, it does. It feels that horrible.”

It’s a common feeling. You might be shy to toot your own horn, feel scummy playing politics or consider it unseemly to be self-interested. It would be many people’s worst nightmare to be labelled as a braggart, fake, or all-about-me, and therefore not a practice they would consider. However to be put in the roles you want, to get the projects, the clients, the opportunities you desire, then we have to figure out how to make people aware of what we are good at, care about and is important to us. Are you feeling uncomfortable already?

Self-promotion is a tricky thing for many women. On this live stream certified coach Rachel Weinstein talks to us about what self promotion means and how to build a relevant professional brand to increase your profile at work.