Tapping Your Way To Success With Alexandra Fullgraf

Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is used by world class athletes, CEOs, celebrities and people who want a method to de-stress, combat anxiety and improve their physical and mental health. Alexandra has used a variety of things to alleviate stress and worry; yoga, running and mediation helped, but it wasn’t until she discovered tapping that she felt real calm.

“It was like magic… I had not known that this level of calm even existed.”

What Is Tapping?

Alex explains EFT as acupuncture meets psychology, with no needles or Freudian Theory! It’s rooted in science, with studies backing up what many already know: EFT produces real, lasting improvements in physical and mental wellbeing. It works by tapping through actual acupuncture points on your body. All the while, you are talking about the stress you’re feeling; kind of like oral journaling.

How Can I Use Tapping In My Everyday Life?

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Do you have a little voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough? Are you fearful, stressed or anxious at work or home? Dr. Kübler-Ross, a highly acclaimed psychiatrist, is quoted as saying that there are essentially two human emotions: love and fear. EFT works with these two emotions, first identifying the fear that is holding us back and then working with love and self-acceptance to release the fear.

A Basic Tapping Sequence You Can Do Now! 

Start with a specific fear or anxiety. Ask yourself where you feel it in your body, then rate that feeling’s strength from 1 to 10 and write it down. Take three deep breaths to get centred, then begin with a set-up statement. Your set up statement should acknowledge the problem you want to deal with, then follow with “I love and accept myself completely.” Or if you are not there yet, “I am open to loving and accepting myself.”

Use 2-4 fingers to tap. At the first point, start with your fear and repeat three times. Part of the therapy is exposure; by saying the fear out loud, you’re calming yourself down. After you go through the sequence acknowledging your fear, write your new number down. If it’s 5 or under, you’re ready to go through the sequence reframing in the positive. Alex suggests a statement which speaks to a lot of things: I release anything and everything that gets in the way of my own inner piece.

Alex can help you set up a script that is personal and empowers you as the person who knows themselves best. Let her help you develop your own practice today. Check out Alex’s live stream with tellent or her website www.coachfullgraf.com to learn more.