Success Story: Launching a new business.

Michelle, we met at the Founder Series hosted by The Atelier Collective in November of 2019. You stood up on stage at one point and told the group where you wanted to be in your career in one years time… You, my friend, are ahead of schedule!

Thank you for sharing your story with us today.

What was your employment situation when you joined the talent ecosystem?

I had a full time permanent position in Accounting.

I was in the process of starting my own business and was looking for freelance accounting work to help bring in money while I got my business up and running.

Michelle, what are you doing now?

I recently quit my full-time job and moved across the country to Newfoundland. I’ve started my company (just launched my first online course!) and I have found a freelance accounting role.

Is that what you wanted?

Yes, I love it! Starting my own business is challenging but fun and having the freelance role on the side, helps to bring in some income while I work on my business. I love it!

What was the most challenging thing about your journey?

Two things…

  1. Opening my mind to different possibilities! I worked in corporate accounting roles for over 20 years and never thought about working for myself or doing freelance work.
  2. Figuring out where to look for freelance work

With Jenny’s help I overcame those challenges. She was the one that suggested I jump into my business full-time and try freelance work as a secondary source of income. She also introduced me to some companies looking for a contract/freelance accountant.

What one piece of advice or resource would you offer to women looking for work that works for them right now?

Think outside the box and network. You never know who or where you’ll find your next opportunity. Don’t give up!

And finally, how did joining the Talent Ecosystem support you on your journey to finding work?

Jenny’s input and guidance was helped me go from thinking about starting my own business to figuring out how I could make it happen. She helped me find a freelance position and has been a tremendous source of information, support and contacts!

It’s my favourite thing to do Michelle! I am just so chuffed to see you out on your own and living your dream. Thank you for sharing your story.

Where can people can learn more and connect with you Michelle?

You can connect through my website or Instagram at @Nutrition_with_coach_michelle. I help Accountants ditch the weight that is impacting their health so they can kick ass in life and business!