Success Story: Health, kids and flexible work.

Hi Jacqueline, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You joined our Talent Community in January of 2020 – you were actually our third member so to say you’ve been with us since the beginning is extremely accurate!

What was your employment situation when you joined the talent ecosystem?

I was taking some time off from work and then during that time became pregnant! I was considered to have a high risk pregnancy due to preexisting health conditions and found it difficult to look for work. I also wasn’t receiving Maternity leave benefits because I wasn’t working when I got pregnant.

I knew that I wanted to get back to work and started looking at opportunities after my daughter was born. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit… which made it even more difficult!

What kind of role or employer were you looking for?

It was important to me to work with a company that understood my health and wellbeing needs. I have several medical conditions that require a lot of appointments. In the past I have been made to feel guilty about receiving treatment I need.

In terms of flexibility, I really wanted some work from home days as my daughter is only 11 months old. I am also a Certified Sleep Consultant and I didn’t want her getting less naps at a daycare.

What kind of role did you find?

I started work full-time as a Brand Manager at Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co in July! It is a maternity leave contract but with the possibility of extension.

Now, I am part time in office and part time work from home. I work on my schedule depending on the needs of the business and other team members but they are all very flexible.

How are you feeling about your new job?

I am very excited about the role as they are looking to expand. I worked in Events for years and was looking to move over to the Brand side to have a more stable schedule once I had children. This role leverages a lot of my previous skills AND there are a lot of new learning opportunities that I am really excited about!

What was your biggest challenge in finding work that worked for you?

Location. I moved out of Toronto and at first glance I found the job market limited to factory or entry level opportunities. I did not want to spend all my time in the car commuting or live in a small home closer to where the “career” jobs were.

How did you overcome those challenges?

I just kept looking. I setup notifications through Indeed and applied for everything, even things I knew I wasn’t qualified for.

What one piece of advice or resource would you offer to women looking for work that works for them right now?

Stay active and always looking. The job I accepted was taken down before the closing date so you never know how much time you have to get your application in.

How did the Talent Ecosystem support you on your journey to finding work?

This is great place for women to meet and learn about each other and have a common place to go about work related issues while feeling supported in everyday life!

Any final thoughts you would like to share with other women looking for work right now?

Never stop learning! I am always taking courses not only to better myself personally but professionally. Take the initiative – don’t wait for an employer to ask you to learn. Show you are a go-getting and future employers will assume you can and will bring that attitude to a role.

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