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SUCCESS STORY: Finding Flexible Hybrid Opportunities

Today, we are celebrating yet another SUCCESS STORY from one of our tellent Ecosystem community members. This showcases time and time again that it IS possible to find great work even in one of the toughest job markets in over ten years! When you have the help and guidance from a supportive and professional community like tellent, anything is possible! We hope this jobseeker’s story inspires you too. 

Today’s success story comes from Candi Britto.

What was your employment situation prior to securing your new position or contract? 

I was looking for work.

What kind of work were you looking for? 

I was hoping to find something full-time with a work-from-home (hybrid) schedule.

What are you doing now? What kind of position did you get and what are you most excited about?

I am an executive operations coordinator now! I support an operations and project team within an engineering and architectural consultancy. I assist the core executive team and also support human resource initiatives within the company as it grows.

“I enjoyed the Propeller course experience with tellent … tellent overall has really connected me with a network of authentic and driven women; it’s like we are all working for the same purpose – in different ways. That purpose is elevating the workforce for Women and with Women. I ended up hearing about my current job post from the tellent team and got a direct referral.”

How do you feel about your new role?

I feel great about it. I am learning about a new industry and have the flexibility I have always wanted at work!

What was the most challenging thing about your job search?

The hardest was applying to job advertisements without knowing if that would result in an interview opportunity.

How did you overcome those challenges? How did tellent help?

tellent helped me tap into a network of employers who had flexible options for work and would at least give me an opportunity to interview. 

What is one piece of advice or resource you would offer to other women looking for work that works for them right now?

Keep looking and discovering, never give up. Treat every opportunity like it could be “the one” for you.

THANK YOU for sharing your success story with us and we’re so pleased that you love your new job. We love hearing about the success within our tellent ecosystem and hope you feel inspired by her journey too! 

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