Success Story: Creating Marketing Magic

Here at tellent, we love enabling our members for greater success and finding flexible and appropriately paid work that works for them. That is why we like sharing their SUCCESS STORIES here to celebrate members who found work in one of the toughest job markets in over ten years – with the help of tellent! We hope that by reading about their success, you too will be inspired to seek and pursue your next success.

This month’s success story comes from Tania Mascitelli and highlights her marketing success.

What kind of work do you do? Who and how do you help people (or businesses)?

Fabu Inc. is a Marketing firm that believes that Marketing is a function of Sales. We help businesses with business development, marketing strategy, lead generation and events.

Tell us about yourself and the path that led you to starting your own business. How did you “uncover” the problem you are now solving? 

Coming from a 20-year career in Corporate Marketing, I realized a huge gap in the  function of a marketing role. In a lot of cases, marketing gets very little respect from the sales function and in turn gives little respect to the sales function. I felt a need to start a business that exemplifies that when Marketing and Sales work together, real magic can happen.

What was the most challenging thing about starting your business and how did you overcome that challenge? 

Sales! Closing a deal and asking people for a sale is probably the hardest part of starting your own business. There are so many theories and approaches, but you truly have to find what works for you and know that 1000 No’s are all worth it to get that one yes.

How do you feel about what you do now? 

I love it. It is still an emotional roller coaster, but I like owning my successes and failures.

What do you wish someone had told you when you first started your journey into entrepreneurship? 

That so many people don’t do what they say they’re going to do. Even when you have gone down a very long sales process with someone, nothing matters until there is ink on paper and compensation in hand! 

What one piece of advice or resource would you offer to women starting on their own entrepreneurship journey?

Always go back to your “Why”, especially on the bad days. Remember Why you started your business and Why you want to keep going. Remember that you are fully accountable and action is more important than strategy. There is a reason why one of the most famous slogans in the world is, Just Do It. 

How did the Talent Ecosystem support you on your journey to building or growing your business? 

I would reinforce the power of network and community at a professional level. Sometimes, as an entrepreneur, you can feel like you are going at everything alone.  Tellent is a place to connect with people who can inspire you and at the same time relate to what you are going through.  Entrepreneurship can be very lonely, so it is nice to have the Tellent community to lean on. Jenny is always willing to listen and being on a platform with like-minded people, ensures you always have a place to go to learn, chat, network or just have some fun! 

Another great part of the Tellent community is the network of professional women that can all leverage each other for like-minded conversation and for actual business services. Jenny helped me make a connection to a client in need of sales consulting and business development, which resulted in paid work for me. Our working relationship keeps evolving and it feels great to be helping another entrepreneur grow her business!


THANK YOU, Tania, for sharing your success story with us. We love hearing about the success within our tellent ecosystem and hope you feel inspired by her journey too! 

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