Success Stories: It’s all about your network

Looking for a job, client or freelance contract is tough, especially since this current pandemic began and kicked many businesses and economies in the shin. Here at tellent, we’re all about opportunities, possibilities and staying positive. So our SUCCESS STORIES serve to celebrate members who have had job search success and found work in one of the toughest job markets in over ten years – with the help of tellent! By sharing their stories, we hope to inspire others, who are still pursuing their next job or freelance opportunity.

This month’s job search success story comes from Tasha. 

What was your employment situation prior to securing your new position or contract?

I had been working on a contract until the pandemic hit and then was collecting CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) before securing my new position.

What kind of work were you looking for? 

I was looking for contract work that was not quite full-time and was remote. I wanted flexibility!

What kind of position did you get and what excites you the most about it? 

My old boss from the workplace I left, on great terms, in 2018 contacted me. He presented me with a proposal to re-join the team that I just couldn’t refuse. Now I am a consultant and am paid hourly at a level equal to what I used to make on salary, plus benefits. I am considered self-employed now and am guaranteed a minimum number of hours per week, but am paid for additional hours. 

My job is remote and it’s flexible, so I can choose to work on something at night if I want to. I do project-based work on some really cool and challenging projects, for example doing a podcast series. That is something I am most excited about.

How do you feel about your new role?

It has been great so far. I feel like I am making a valued contribution to the team and I’m loving the variety and the creative and intellectual challenge some of the projects require. The flexibility and remote working is a huge pivot from what this workplace used to be like before the pandemic hit. I know it won’t last forever, but for now, it is where I want to be.

Looking back, what was the most challenging aspect of your job search?

I didn’t go searching for this role – it came to me, because I work hard to maintain my professional relationships. With this particular employer, I had left on really good terms and continued to help out here and there even after I’d left. I had built up a lot of human equity over the better part of a decade that I worked there. By not burning bridges and staying in touch, I was able to circumvent the typical job search. For that, during these times, I am truly grateful.

What is your best piece of advice to women looking for work that works for them right now?

It’s all about building relationships and doing your best work – always. I never thought that I would find my next role by applying anonymously to a job posting. […] Work with your network and be open-minded and willing to try something new.

How did the Talent Ecosystem support you on your journey to finding work? 

I have been a part of the wonderful tellent community from the start. There are so many ways this community has helped, be it through participation in an accountability group when I was looking at making a shift, to simply connecting with like-minded women at a similar stage of life and experience who could relate to what I was going through, to the generous network that tellent opens up to members, to invaluable add-ons like office hours with coaches or webinars on how to maximize LinkedIn. 

I really believe in what tellent’s modus operandi is: understand, value and promote work that works for women.


That is a beautiful closing sentence by Tasha Estey and a big THANK YOU for sharing her good news with us. We hope you feel inspired by her success story! You can find out more or connect with Tasha on LinkedIn.

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