tellent Community – Six Month Membership

When you sign up to the Talent Ecosystem here is what you will get:

⭐ Monthly networking events with our community of female job seekers, entrepreneurs and coaches. The power of our collective network is immense and it is how over 60% – 80% of people find their next client or job.

⭐ Weekly expert presentations (Lunch & Learns) hosted by our coaches and freelancers. We cover everything from goal setting to resume design to how to make your side hustle your main hustle.

⭐ Weekly group coaching with Career, Life, Mindset, Leadership and Business coaches. Every week one of our tellent coaches hosts an open office hour to help you get clear and take action towards your goals.

⭐ Idea’s Labs to brainstorm and build out your business idea or strategy. We become your extended business strategy team. Being a freelancer or entrepreneur and making all of the decisions and solving all of the challenges that come up can feel exhausting – well, now you’ve got help! 

⭐ Weekly accountability check-ins to keep you moving forward in your job search. Every week we will check in to see how you are doing in your job search and how we can help you on your journey.

⭐ Flexible work listings and word of mouth opportunities are shared on a weekly basis with a note if an introduction can be made.

❤️ Every day, we are with you.
❤️ Every day we support you.
❤️ Every day we show up to help you find what you need.

That is an average monthly value of approximately $1,500 for only $20 per month with this membership subscription and it is less than the cost of a virtual conference.

Still not sure? Here are some success stories directly from our community and what some of our members have to say about being part of the talent ecosystem.

Success Stories:

Meet Michelle – She went from a senior corporate accounting role to entrepreneur
Meet Jacqueline – She landed a job that allowed her the flexibility to meet her personal goals
Meet Sarah – She found a part-time professional job where she could grow

Hear it directly from the women in our community:

I feel less alone in my job search. Empowered in that I’m provided with information and insights I wouldn’t have considered if I was searching in isolation.

Jenny! You are amazing and so down to earth – this group feels like people I’ve known forever. No cattiness either.

Thanks again for connecting me to [the CEO]. She messaged me this morning and now I have a meeting with the hiring manager

“I’ve been a member of tellent’s community platform since its launch and one of the things I appreciate most are the robust opportunities for professional and personal development. The weekly Flexible Work masterclasses allow me access to top-notch career coaches and peers who provide high-quality expertise and guidance on a range of topics which are so valuable for anyone – job or client seekers, entrepreneurs and employed professionals alike. Thanks to the knowledge and support I’ve found in the ecosystem, I feel I can navigate my career journey from a greater place of strength.”  – Angela

“Tellent is a fabulous group because it champions women of every background and work experience. Jenny is super proactive and incredibly helpful, as are all the women in the group. For me, it’s more of a community than a group because the support goes above and beyond. I’ve made friends, found business leads, and I just love how we all connect!” – Karen

“tellent is one of the few things saving me right now. a talent network of professional (Canadian) women. The primary focus of this group has always been flexible work. Women should not be hindered by their family commitments but empowered. It is a paid membership, but I can’t say that I regret one cent. The exposure to Jennifer Hargreaves and her talent network is both rewarding and enlightening. If you are looking for your new career or looking for support managing this new world with your current career, I highly encourage that you check this out!” – Crystal