tellent – Annual Membership SALE

Annual membership to the Virtual Talent Community and Job Search Mastermind Group.

  • Access to the private community for 13 months
  • Your first month is FREE!
  • Billed annually (but we don’t think you’ll want to leave!)
  • You will lock in this savings FOR EVER! Yup – you’re getting a really good deal.
  • This subscriptions costs less than one in person networking event
  • Total savings of $75 / year over the monthly membership rate.

The Virtual Talent Platform is a professional networking community and mastermind group for job-seekers and freelancers to find and build work that works for you. 60% – 80% of jobs are filled before they are advertised. Your network and community play a key role in finding your next opportunity. Who do you want to surround yourself with? 

We take a holistic approach to job searching with a focus on collaboration and generosity. From expert content with industry leading professionals and group coaching, to networking opportunities and group “idea labs” – we offer practical resources to help you find work you love, and work that works for you. 

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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