Champion Employer

Rachel Di

Make sure diverse talent is choosing you.

We will help you attract, source and retain experienced women talent.

Becoming a Champion Employer offers a unique opportunity to communicate your commitment to Inclusion Diversity Equity and Accessibility (IDE&A) and women in leadership. Internal and external candidates are looking for solutions and to leaders to rebalance the inequities unearthed by the impact of COVID-19 and create more equal access for them to thrive.

Together we will tell your brand story – bringing your culture to life, showcasing why your company is a great place for all to work and giving you a competitive advantage in this constrained talent marketplace.

This is an annual membership offering.

For $5,000 / year your membership includes:

  • Employer branded profile. Listed under “Champion Employer” on the tellent website. We will work with you to answer the questions that women, marginalized genders, women of colour and new Canadian women want to know about what it is like to work at your company. This page will form the basis of your marketing and story telling campaign.
  • Multi-channel marketing campaign. We will sell your employment opportunities with stories. Together we will develop a joint marketing campaign in line with your recruitment and brand objectives. One campaign will be delivered throughout the year with 7 – 10 social posts.
  • Unlimited access to the tellent job board. Optimize the visibility to your open positions through our job board on and get unlimited job postings and immediate access to a network of 54K+ highly engaged professional women.
  • Learning and development. Access live and recorded resources from our network of experts to support your inclusion journey.
  • Roundtable invitation. Leaders come together to share best practice and take a collaborative approach to creating more equal opportunity for women.

For more information on how we can help you access top talent or tell your brand story, book a discovery call here.