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We are a different kind of law firm. We are ourselves.

Ever since I was 8 years old, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do and what I wanted my life to be: big city life with a big city job. I went to U of T for undergrad, then Osgoode for law, then joined the Bay Street world where I fast tracked to partner within 7 years. I followed the traditional legal career path and excelled at it.

The more I progressed however, the more fatigued I got with the politics of Bay Street. I launched Froese Law out of a desire to create a different kind of law firm, one that resonates with lawyers and with our clients.

Practising law and succeeding in your ambitions should not be hindered by how you look, what you do in your free time or wanting to have a family.

Here we have created an environment where myself and my colleagues can pursue the passion of our profession without the Bay Street BS (you know what I’m talking about). Where we define success and ambition on our own terms with support, mentorship and camaraderie. We are smart, we are driven, we provide the highest quality of work across our sectors and most importantly, we are ourselves.

We are tearing down the ivory towers concept associated with the law and practice in a way that is accessible and high quality.

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Words of advice…

There are alternative work environments. Take control of your future and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want or to create an opportunity that works for you.

About our company

Froese Law is a cross-border branding, corporate and tax law firm dedicated to structuring our clients’ business and protecting, enforcing and commercializing their brands.

We secure intellectual property assets, protect competitive advantages, structure businesses, strategize corporate tax planning, manage third-party relationships, finesse branding and negotiate commercial agreements to ensure that our clients’ businesses are ready for success in both Canada and the U.S.

Whether our clients are a new brand launching in Canada or the U.S., an established brand going global or an international brand entering the Canadian or U.S. marketplace, Froese Law ensures that our clients are protected.

Our clients

We help companies achieve their dreams. Our clients are consumer-facing, heavily branded products, services and talent. We have a lot of fun working across food, beverage, fashion, fitness, marijuana, cosmetics, celebrities, influencers, pharmaceutical drugs, retail, hospitality and financial institutions… to name a few. Seeing my clients’ brands become listed as a “must have” in consumer magazines brings me joy! We attract a client base that is fun, creative and edgy.

Working with us

We empower our lawyers to dictate the direction of their career, fuel their interest, hone their skills and tap into their passion. We are always on the lookout for talented women to join our team.

We appreciate that our lawyers may have diverse interests and other hustles, and we’re happy to work with our lawyers so that they don’t have an either/or proposition. We have lower, more accessible billable targets and we encourage our team to work from home, if it doesn’t conflict with our clients’ needs. We are shaping the future of how law is practiced. If you get excited by this then visit our careers page to learn more and reach out.

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If you are reading this thinking “yes, that’s me” then check out our openings and get in touch.

We are always on the lookout for talented women to join our team.