How we #PressforProgress on IWD 2018

tellent wasn’t started with a view to champion women’s equality in the workforce. It was far simpler than that. I wanted to find a solution to an immediate need – finding a flexible job so that I could pursue my career ambitions and life ambitions simultaneously.

The more I heard from our community on their challenges in finding flexible work and staying engaged in the traditional workforce, the more I began to understand that there are more issues at play here. The gender wage gap, unconscious and conscious bias, training and mentorship opportunities and, of course, societal stereotyping.

The work we have been doing here has grown beyond the immediate need. We, collectively, have become advocates for flexible work in Canada. Ripples become waves and as flexible work options become normalized the playing fields level out just a bit more.

This may be an over simplistic view of the world but if companies can develop flexible work policies used by everyone [across the organization] and that are conducive to promotion, then unconscious bias and discrimination will naturally decrease and allow for all individuals to bring their whole selves to work.

The government has proposed and implemented legislation to further women’s rights in Canada but they can’t do it alone.

Flexible work won’t fix the myriad of challenges that women face in the workforce but I believe that we can have a tangible impact on keeping women’s aspirations and ambitions high. This is what we are doing behind the scenes here at tellent and how we #pressforprogress on International Women’s Day 2018.