Give your employees a parting gift of community and well-being

Losing a job isn’t easy in the best of times, and it is even harder right now when your employees are already coping with so much. They are dealing with the stress and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their everyday routines have been disrupted as they shelter in place. They may have had to suddenly adjust to working from home, and parents have had to learn how to home-school their children.

Households are frustrated, and anxiety is mounting. We know you can’t solve these problems, but you can provide support to make your employees' transition as smooth as possible.  

Men and women search for jobs differently and require different points of support for making informed decisions about their next opportunity. Our platform is designed to address the specific challenges that women and marginalized genders at mid-career level face in finding and securing work that works for them.

We take a holistic approach with a focus on collaboration and generosity. From expert content with industry leading professionals and one-on-one coaching, to networking opportunities and mindfulness apps - we offer practical resources your employees will use. 

Give the gift of community and well-being to the professional women in your organization for as little as $250 per person.


"The tellent community is filled with people who support each other. Who are at similar stages of their career and who genuinely care about seeing me succeed. The individuals, coaches, network and relationships that I built gave me the skills and confidence I needed to get my next job. This group became my port in the storm!"

- angela (supply chain professional)

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The Price of Peace of Mind and Well-Being

We understand that your team is an extension of your family. We know how hard these last few months have been on everybody - that no business has been left unscathed and no employee left untouched.

Let us take it from here.  We welcome all women and marginalized genders into our family and give them the community, support and inspiration they need to transition into this next stage of their career with confidence. 

Our Basic Package gives your employees access to live and recorded professional development sessions and group coaching with our in-house experts. For only $250 per person your employees will have access to the talent community and network for one year. 

We understand that the needs of your employees and your business vary. Our Custom Package allows you to select how much, and what kind, of support you need. Starting at $2,000 you can choose the number of professional development session credits your employee has access to and select the benefit offerings that make the most sense for your business. They will have access to the talent community and selected benefits for one year.  

For a more supported career transition experience, we offer a credit based Transition Package that includes four sessions with a choice of our in-house professional development coaches and an annual subscription to a meditation app for $3,500. 

Flexibility is the foundation of our business and we are able to customize a package that suits the needs of your business, your employee and your budget.  Reach out today to get started or to discuss group purchasing options. 



Starting At...
  • All Basic features plus a selection of the below based on employee need and budget...
  • Selected benefits will be available for your employees to use for one year
  • A personal tellent consultant will assist your employee with their benefit implementation
  • Flexible session credits to be used for coaching with any of our professional development coaches (includes a minimum of three session credits)
  • One year subscription to Headspace meditation app.
  • Access to local co-working facilities with childcare credit
  • Mentorship program
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Per Person
  • All Basic features plus...
  • A personal tellent consultant will assist your employee with their benefit implementation
  • Benefits will be available for your employees to use for one year
  • Six session credits with our professional development coaches
  • One year subscription to Headspace meditation app.
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