Maeve O’Byrne; Managing Life’s Changes & Transitions

Maeve O’Byrne sees change as an opportunity, and she can help you do the same.

Maeve grew up a globetrotter, spending her childhood between Kuwait, the UK and Switzerland. At 17 she moved back to her parents home country of Ireland, finally coming to Canada in her late 20s. She often travelled alone as a child learning key skills like punctuality, critical thinking and decision making, early in life. It also instilled in her an acceptance for change, seeing it as an opportunity rather than a challenge.

Her experience has led her to a life of coaching, not just with individuals, but on a global scale.  She recently spoke at the International Coaching Federation about coaches as movers of social change. On an individual level Maeve works with women who are deeply invested professionally and personally, facing scenarios from career advancement to changes in family life.

Whether done to us or by us, simple or complex, change often causes conflict and feelings of discomfort; but Maeve explains it’s about being okay with those feelings.

“When we look at change from the focus of transition, something we can control, it takes on a different light.”

She suggests looking into why you’re feeling that way, and whether it’s discomfort or fear. “New stuff is always scary, but rather than allowing it to stop me, I try to see how I can use my fear to propel me forward.” She says transition is a good time for self-reflection and thoughtfulness.

Think About it…

  • Review what you’re looking for in a workplace and your own professional and personal goals. 
  • Use visualization to picture where you want to be, how it would be different in this new environment and who this new version of yourself is. 
  • Take the time to figure out if this is the right thing for you and if it excites you.
  • Research & prepare speaking to others who are in the same profession. Maeve suggests finding 3-5 people that you can chat with over coffee; have your questions ready!

Ask Yourself…

  • What do you need to be successful? 
  • What would your new day look like? 
  • What is the ideal workplace for you if you’re changing organizations?
  • What do you need to be earning on day one; and do you need or have an emergency fund?
  • What would make you more comfortable with this change?
  • What supports do you need to make it happen?

Finally, ask yourself: what worries me, what’s keeping me up at night?Maeve shares inspiration from Marcus Aurelius who said: You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. It took Maeve a long time to grasp this, always worrying about the what ifs and should haves. Now she supports women going through change and working for a new future. Contact Maeve to help you work toward your new future today.