Johanna Navas joins the tellent team

We are so excited to get to share that we are officially expanding tellent and our career accelerator course, the Propeller Experience into Western Canada with the help of the newest member of the team, Johanna Navas.

Johanna has come on board as tellent’s Partnership Lead for Western Canada and has been working hard to build the additional supports that women in western Canada need to navigate transition and carve a unique path to work. Johanna understands the nuances of working in the west, what it takes to expand your network and how to uncover the opportunities that align with your set of values. 

Johanna has over 20 years of experience in the development and delivery of major capital projects, both in Colombia and Canada. Johanna served as KPMG’s Major Capital Project Lead for their Infrastructure Advisory Canadian Practice. She is a Civil Engineer and holds a Master of Business Administration from Queens University and a Master of Applied Science in Project and Construction Management from the University of British Columbia.

We sat down to ask her more about her what she envisions for the future:

  1. Now that you’ve officially joined the tellent team to lead the western division of tellent and the Propeller Experience what are you most excited for?

I am most excited about impacting women’s lives. I have been blessed with an incredible career and great jobs. I, however, felt that I was missing having a sustainable social impact. I tried to compensate that void with mentoring, coaching and giving back, and while these activities were complimenting my job, they weren’t my life’s work. I am now in the business of changing women’s lives. My calling is now my career.

  1. Why is expanding access to the Propeller Experience in western Canada so important to you?

In recent years I went through my own transformational journey, and gained clarity about my “why” and “my calling.” I worked on building the skills I needed to achieve my goals and made a purposeful effort to enhance and build my network.

I wish I had known about tellent back then. This journey would not have felt as lonely or hard as it felt at times. When I learned about the Propeller Experience, I was amazed at how aligned it was with my own experience, and I feel I have a responsibility to “spread the word.”  Your transformation journey does not have to be lonely or scary. There are thousands of women having the same struggles, wanting to make similar transitions and experiencing the same self-limiting beliefs and fears. And there are also thousands of women who want to share their experiences, triumphs, and lessons with us

That is why I am called to help more women with the Propeller Experience; so they can transition from a scarcity mindset to a growth mindset, to build the skills they need to progress in their career, and to expand their networks in ways they never thought possible.

I have met incredible women who have had to leave their careers because the burden of childcare is solely resting on their shoulders or career women who fear being seen as “difficult” and put off negotiating for more flexibility. I truly believe that we, as a society, can do better. The last 18 months have demonstrated that we are moving away from the old way of working to a more collaborative approach to working that is designed to fit into the larger context of an individual’s life and overall wellbeing.

  1. How do you think the Propeller Experience helps women to navigate transition and carve a unique path to work?

Whether it’s women facing unequal pay, gender bias, lack of sponsorship or limited access to flexible work arrangements, women continue to face challenges when it comes to advancing in the workplace and finding work that works for them.

I have seen and experienced how the Propeller Experience works as a catalyst to overcome many of these challenges and I’m called to share the message with as many women as I can.

The Propeller Experience is so unique to anything else I’ve ever seen because it not only provides a foundation of learning with 8-weeks of on-demand classes, but it combines this education with weekly LIVE Coaching, Mentoring and Network events to ensure you’re putting into action every single thing you’ve learned. And propelling further in your career is all about ACTION!

  1. Looking forward, what are your biggest goals for western Canada when it comes to the current job market, women at work and the existing gender gap, etc?

I am an idealistic person, and as such, my goals and aspirations go beyond western Canada. I choose to believe that together we can create an equitable future for women in the workplace and in society as a whole. I imagine a future where the equity gap no longer exists and lucrative opportunities exist for everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, or ethnicity.

I am committed to helping women navigate transition and create a work path that works for them. I believe many women feel stuck, and I am confident we can help them by arming them with the clarity, confidence, and community they need to propel into the next stage of their careers. I see the Propeller Experience as the beginning of a journey, a journey in which we all take an active part and really push the boundaries. We all have the responsibility to walk the talk and encourage cultures that nurture inclusion and diversity.