SUCCESS STORY: Post-Maternity Job Bliss

We are celebrating yet another Success Story from one of our community members. This is another example that it IS possible to find great work, even in one of the toughest job markets in over ten years and during a pandemic. What you need is help and guidance from a supportive and professional community like tellent! We hope this jobseeker’s story inspires you too. 

This month’s success story comes from Christina Dong.

What was your employment situation prior to securing your new position or contract? 

I was on extended maternity leave.

What kind of work were you looking for? 

I was looking for full-time work.

What are you doing now? What kind of position did you get and what are you most excited about?

I am an account manager for a pharmaceutical marketing agency. I am excited because I was able to jump back into what I did before. It gave me some familiarity and now I can learn about a whole new industry.


What was the most challenging thing about your job search?

The hardest thing was persevering through COVID with so many unknowns, and going back to work after mat leave

How did you overcome those challenges? How did tellent help?

I worked with tellent coach, Allison Lockett, in the fall before COVID for one-on-one sessions to identify where I would want to work, and the type of company that would work for me and my career goals. Unfortunately, our sessions ended right as COVID hit. Thankfully, I had the foundational work done already to keep job searching through the first wave of the pandemic.

What advice or resource would you offer to women looking for work that works for them right now?

You never know where your network is going to help you. It is a numbers game mixed with a bit of luck.

How did the Talent Ecosystem support you on your journey to building or growing your business? 

Tellent was exactly the type of community I needed to get my head back in the working-world game; It had the right combination of networking and one-on-one support to keep me focused and motivated throughout my job search. I like still being part of this community afterwards, now that I’m back working, to help others and provide support. My job search really came full-circle for me!


THANK YOU for sharing your success story with us, Christina. We are so pleased you love your new job. We love hearing about the success within our tellent ecosystem and hope you feel inspired by her journey too! 

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