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The Future of Work

The way that we work is changing. Find out more from leading authorities and industry thoughtleaders.

The way that we work is changing largely due to technology and generational values. Increased control over one’s work schedule is resulting in increased productivity and financial benefit to employers. Employers not only differentiate themselves with flex options in order to attract and retain top talent but they increase productively and cost savings.

Research & Trend Reports

Research & Trend Reports

The future of work: A reorientation guide

People are people, it turns out, and much of what we are told “divides” millennials from other generations really comes down to differing approaches to work itself and the ever-faster adoption of new technology and media.

That, at least, is the key finding of our comparative survey of 502 Canadian professionals and their perspectives on working life. Separated by years – even decades – in age, millennials and non-millennials share what some may consider surprisingly similar attitudes toward work. Where they differ is in how they work and get things done – and this dynamic has the potential to profoundly change the workplace, leading to a future that is more social, more flexible, more technological and less hierarchical.

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Human Capital Trends 2016

Canadian executives and HR leaders are out of sync with the needs of their business. They need to look beyond culture and engagement and rapidly address how operating models and supporting designs are impacting the company’s ability to compete and respond. Those that evolve the design of their organizations will boost their efforts to move the needle on culture, engagement, talent and leadership.

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Connecting Canadian Talent to the Workplace with Technology

Research outcomes PowerPoint from WorkShift Canada. Flexibility matters. It is an important consideration for talent looking at new employers. Its also important because people are productive at different times outside of traditional working hours; they’re blurring the lines between personal and work.

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Online Resources
Industry Thoughtleaders

Industry Thoughtleaders

WorkShift Canada

WORKshift is the established thought leader and authoritative voice on flexible work practices in Canada.

Since 2009, WORKshift has changed the way people work by encouraging the adoption of flexible work practices. As the only not-for-profit organization in Canada that is strictly devoted to this end, WORKshift has become a brand trusted by cities and employers for both excellence in supporting mobile work and creating tangible change.

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