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Planning for & Taking Maternity Leave

So you’ve peed on the stick and YAHOO – you’re growing a person! … now what?

Your life is about to get all kinds of crazy! This may include a change in perspective on your career and professional goals but I can assure you it will not change who you are. When my friends first started having children, I was so surprised that they were still them, but with kids. In this day and age it is possible to have both. Below are some helpful articles and resources to help you on this extraordinary journey.

What are my Rights?

What are my Rights?

Before you start sharing the good news around the water cooler, you should learn what your rights are. This may feel a bit overwhelming but it’s the best way to ensure you are treated equitably.

Making it Work

Making it Work

Experts at Canada Career Counselling have published a guidebook to help working mothers plan for and optimize their time off during maternity leave. I would highly recommend downloading the free copy.

How to Effectively Navigate Maternity Leave Career Transitions: An Employee’s Guide

Written by a team of workplace psychologists and career development experts and has been published by CERIC.

Making it work book imageAn Employee’s Guide was developed for women taking a maternity leave, which is inclusive of maternity, parental and adoption leave, and equally applicable to women who are experiencing their first or subsequent maternity leave career transition. This user-friendly resource is meant to be a self-directed tool that you use to tailor specific strategies to your career needs. It will empower you to be an active agent in your career development, setting yourself up for success.

Download your copy here.

Here are some additional online resources to help you prepare for your career break. I would also like to add that we all have the best intentions when pregnant (and not sleep deprived) and please don’t beat yourself up if you drop all the ‘career’ balls in the first 6 months. I didn’t start thinking about it again until 10 months in.

Lean In or Lean Out?

Lean In or Lean Out?

You are lying in your bed having a snuggle with your beautiful gurgling 10 month old… wow your maternity leave is almost up – this is going to be hard.

But then you caught up with your colleagues last week for a after-work wine, and got to hear all about the project that you were working so hard on before you left. Wow – remember when you used to think about more than pureeing sweet potato and talking about mysterious rashes? Remember when you could write a business case or create a P&L with your eyes closed?

Hmm making a decision about returning to work can be a flip flopping process. It’s hard but only you can determine your own version of success and happiness. Maybe that success looks like throwing all your energy into being the best mom you can be, or perhaps its securing that VP role in the next couple of years, or perhaps it’s a bit of both. Please remember that here is no right or wrong answer. There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all answer either. Do what is right for you and your family.

Factors worth considering are: income potential, child care costs, personal ambition, supportive / flexible employer.

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