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I am tellent

What is your story? Are you reconsidering the direction of your career? Deciding to go back to work after a career break? Thinking about having children but worry how that will impact your career? Do you want to pursue your passion but need to pay the bills? Or are you like me, think you can do it all but need a flexible work environment to do it?

We created tellent to connect women to companies that will support both career aspirations and personal commitments through flexible work and return to work policies. Without bias or discrimination. We are a community of like-minded women, eager to define our own version of success, learn how to reach our goals and inspire each other to aim higher.

How we help you

  • Professional flexible job listings – we work with companies large and small, to negotiate or highlight the flexibility on roles so you can see right up front if it is a good fit for your career and your lifestyle. This could be anything from full-time with flexible start / finish, telecommuting options, part-time or freelance. Flexibility is individual to you and to the employer. Our roles are circulated in our newsletter and in our Facebook group FREE!
  • Access to a community of like-minded women – tellent hosts a monthly online networking event for women actively seeking new opportunities and a closed forum through our Facebook group. We believe in helping each other by sharing our learnings and experiences at a time, and through means that are conducive to your lifestyles. Also FREE.
  • tellent Accountability Group –  the tellent Accountability Group brings together women in career transition to tackle their biggest goals. In this intimate group experience, each participant explores and fully owns her version of success, then moves toward it. Clarify your goals, develop your plan, and build your skills and confidence through support and curated resources that meet you where you are. This is a paid program offered twice a year. For more information on dates and to reserve your space, please visit our accountability page.
  • tellent Returners Membership – The tellent returners program provides 12-months access to group coaching and development for women who have had a career break and are looking to get back into the workforce. This is a paid membership offering and is open all year round. This program is a strategically designed mix of learning, accountability and action to achieve the results you set out at the beginning of the program. Whether you are returning to your old profession or exploring something new, we will help you get there.
  • Champion Employer profiles  – our partners are committed to workplace diversity and building environments where women will thrive. Check out our employer profiles on the homepage of our website. FREE!
  • Return to work opportunities – tellent is working with companies in Canada to develop returnship programs for women who have taken a career break. A returnship is an internship-like program for experienced workers seeking to reenter the workforce after an extended period, particularly in a new line of work. If you are interested in learning more, please email me at Jennifer@wearetellent.com or check out our resources page.
  • A sense of community and higher purpose – bias and discrimination is very much alive in the workforce. By working together and adopting inclusive leadership styles we can have a direct impact on future generation’s experience in the workforce. We are making the ripples that will turn into waves with flexible work and women in leadership.
  • Additional resources – We have developed a How to Negotiate Flexible Work guide specifically for the tellent community as well as having loads of job hunting tips, return to work inspiration and much more on our resources page. If there is something missing here you would like to see, let us know!
  • Live stream events – in video format and available on our Facebook business page, the topics vary from inspirational stories (finding balance) and case studies to practical career advice (how to pivot in your career). FREE.

tellent Why

Where tellent was born – A message from Jennifer Hargreaves.

“I was made redundant when I was four months pregnant after my employer had joked twice that my role would not suit someone looking to have children. After pursuing a successful international career, I could not believe the assumptions that were made about my ambition because I was going to become a mother. I love working. I need to work to be a better person, a better wife, and a better mother.

The decision I faced was, do I go back to work full-time for career progression, freelance and tread water while my children are young or take a career break? I thought there had to be another option, a flexible work model where I could pursue my career and life ambitions. This is where tellent was born! 

This is not a new idea but the time is right for it to succeed based on the future of work, demand for talent and the increasing awareness of the importance gender equity plays in running a competitive business. 

tellent is not just for mothers. The idea was born out of my own circumstance, but there are other women out there making similar decisions every day. Athletes, volunteers, carers, enthusiasts, and women who want more out of life than to sit behind a desk from 9 – 5.

If you think you will face these challenges, are going through them right now or have come out the other side, there is a place for you in our community. Whether to learn from, share or inspire, together we are stronger and can influence change. Please join us

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Join our community of professional women pursuing flexible career opportunities.

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