Happiness and success, easy right?

I went to a Women’s Executive Network event this morning and heard Neil Pasricha, author of The Happiness Equation speak. His talk has given some shape to something I have been trying to navigate for a while now “how to be, and sustain happiness”.

I am not unhappy by any means but I am searching for a way to find and sustain happiness in this present life. This present life as in, married with two young children, career ambitions and limited time. This life where it is not all about me anymore but about my children, my husband, my family, my candidates, my investors, my supporters and my doubters.

2016-09-11 10.50.08I have lost control of my happiness. We have just this one life to life. One shot. I want to figure out how to be happy now, in this moment and in this one life; to give some structure to my haphazard approach and to make sure that I am laying the groundwork for my children to be happy.

I am writing this here, on tellent because I love to work and to be challenged. But it is not the only thing that I love. In this one life, I want to do it all. A successful career, as defined by myself, an engaged family, exercise (ha!), travelling (ohhh travelling). And if I can’t do it all, how can I be happy with what I can do?

Though we are all very different I feel we share common struggles in trying to make everything work and remain happy. It is a challenge. One, that as a community, I hope we can make just a bit easier through sharing successes, offering support, advice and eventfully roles that will allow us to make the time to pursue our version of success and happiness.

I hope you will sign up to the tellent community and join us in helping each other.