Using a Gratitude Practice to Amplify Your Career Success

By Beth Yarzab, CareerFit Mom

Gratitude is good for your health.

I’ve known that for years. I follow Positive Psychology and love the research that links gratitude to both physical and mental wellbeing.

In the past I tried keeping a gratitude journal only to drop the habit when life got busy. Working with my own coach over the last 18 months, I finally developed the consistent habit of expressing gratitude. I now understand the power of gratitude at a deep level.

I feel more alive than ever.

“I know my purpose and I’m living it. I’m grateful for the person I’m becoming. I am more content with myself and can easily kick my negative self-talk to the curb.”

To say this exercise has been transformative is an understatement.

I now include a gratitude practice in all the Job Search Action Plans I create for my clients in career transition. The exercise demonstrates that job search doesn’t have to be disheartening when you express gratitude for your infinite potential and the many opportunities flowing to you.

Yesterday a client received news that she didn’t get a job she’d been interviewing for. It was an awesome role with a wonderful, well-known non-profit. She got through four rounds of the selection process. This mum of a toddler has been here before – she’s been the second choice for a job on three other occasions.

We texted back and forth about her experience. She refused to be disappointed knowing she’ll attract more bad news if she stays in that head space. Having practiced gratitude for months now, when I encouraged her to “harvest the good” from this situation she wrote back…

Thank you. The great part about hearing the news was the team leader personally called me to say I didn’t get the job. She gave me feedback on her first impression of me. I asked her a few more questions and she offered to go for coffee in the future, as a colleague. I thought the interview process ended on a high note. I’m very excited for the next opportunity!! Staying positive! I added the hiring manager to LinkedIn and she’s already accepted!

Definitely a sign of a progressive, compassionate organization. I know so many job seekers don’t even hear back from companies during the selection process!

Even more important was the resilience my client is demonstrating. She sees the outcome as a learning experience and a chance to further expand her network. She has faith that a better job is flowing to her. She’s inspired to take action by doing the research, applications, and networking that will help her land that ideal role. And who knows what may come from the interactions she had with the hiring committee? Staying open to the potential is the first step in attracting her dream job.

Why not jump into gratitude yourself? You have nothing to lose…

Here’s the easy exercise I follow. When I write my gratitudes, I start the top of the page with “I’m so happy and grateful now that…”

I write down at least 10 things I’m grateful for.

  • 3-4 that already exist in my life. My health, my partner, my kids, my home…
  • 3-4 that I want in my life – I write these in the Present tense as if they’re already in my possession.
  • 3-4 annoyances or frustrations that I change my perspective on. I turn them into positives and look internally to see how to shift my mindset so I feel better now.

I then re-read my list and say it out loud. This part helps lock in gratitude and a healthy mindset, giving me a big boost for the day.

Get up 20 minutes earlier, find a beautiful notebook and put pen to paper to express gratitude during your morning routine. Do it for 30-days and notice what good fortune is happening for you. What else do you notice shifting?

One of my clients started a gratitude practice in the summer and I was her accountability partner. She texted me every day for 7 days when she completed her gratitude journal. The impact was powerful.  Her husband noticed the difference in her behaviour and outlook and he started a gratitude journal too!

When we started working together, she felt like her career was completely out of her control. She just landed an awesome position in her field, after having been out of the workforce for five years!

I’m so happy and grateful that Tellent exists to connect talented professional women to progressive jobs! We are so lucky to have this resource, right?! 🙂

Beth Yarzab is a Career and Fitness Coach for moms, at any age or stage.

With a background in Executive Recruitment and Human Resources, Beth reinvented her own career after having twins in 2006. Facilitating a community of women in pursuit of personal growth and professional achievement, Beth works with both individuals and groups of other mothers in career transition.

If you need some professional advice on your resume, LinkedIn profile, networking strategy, job search techniques, re-entering the workforce, or anything else career related, please contact Beth for a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation.

Beth’s business, CareerFit Mom also offers group fitness classes and career inspiration workshops at oaks ‘n acorns in Toronto (1856 Danforth Ave.)