Free Webinar: The Art of Sales

Sales is crucial for success but most business owners don’t know how to do it and don’t enjoy doing it. We are missing out on tremendous opportunity by not focusing enough time, energy, and attention on sales. 
On top of that, women tend to undervalue, undersell, and underprice their products and services. We deserve better! 🙂

Join us on Tuesday 17th of November to learn how to…

  • Communicate and pitch with confidence,
  • Build meaningful relationships with your dream clients,
  • Follow up and move things forward without being too pushy,
  • Price, package, and negotiate for what you deserve,
  • Close deals with conviction and empathy to achieve financial freedom, 
  • And take your success and your impact to the next level!

I can’t wait to help you achieve your financial goals and your greatest potential!


Tuesday 17th of November
12:00pm EST
Link to register > HERE

About Amanda:

Amanda is an ambitious and empathetic social entrepreneur, career coach, sales coach, and speaker. She is wildly passionate about coaching and inspiring women and youth to dream big, communicate with confidence, build successful purpose driven careers, and achieve their greatest potential. Amanda’s values of empathy, honesty, integrity, and hard work are at the core of everything that she does. 

Amanda has spent over 10 years building a successful career filled with passion, purpose, and eventually financial freedom. She has worked in non-profit, international development, social entrepreneurship, and the tech start-up scene. Most recently she was the top sales rep at a fast-growing EdTech start-up in early childhood education. Amanda has worked with thousands of youth, women, non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and small businesses in North America, the Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan Africa, including Canada, the US, Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Ghana.

She launched her first business Athari, meaning “impact” in Kiswahili (the national language of Kenya) in 2018. Amanda uses a unique social enterprise business model, which is a blend between the non-profit and the for-profit world. Social entrepreneurship is all about using a sustainable for-profit business model as a force for good with a triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. 

Athari provides job search and career coaching, sales and small business coaching, personal and professional development workshops, motivational speaking, and an online community of purpose driven professionals. Amanda coaches women to overcome imposter syndrome, land their dream jobs and dream clients, and negotiate for what they deserve. At the same time, Athari uses this social enterprise business model to increase access to education in the form of student scholarships for talented youth in Kenya.

Amanda is an avid soccer player and snowboarder and has summited both Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro.