Free Webinar – Setting up your Visualization Practice

Where do you imagine yourself in 6, 12, or 18 months from now? Do you picture yourself working in your dream job, with ideal clients? What about your income targets? Can you imagine what it would ‘feel’ like to achieve them? What picture or image are you seeing in your mind?

Join us on this session with tellent coach Brenda Vander Zanden as we learn how to use and establish a simple practice that will move you from sleepwalking through life, to consciously pursuing and living the life you desire. The tool and practice we are talking about today is visualization.

Event details:

Tuesday 21st of July at 12pm EST
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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, visualization is “the act of visualizing something or someone” or “forming a picture of it in your mind”. It’s almost like looking through a particular lens, your unconsciousness, your imagination, your deepest desires, and seeing your life unfold within your inner eye.

The daily practice of visualizing your dreams as already complete can rapidly accelerate your achievement of those dreams, goals, and ambitions. All things are created twice. There’s a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation to all things. To build what you want, you have to create it in your mind’s eye first.

This is a session you don’t want to miss.

Brenda’s mission is to help women use the three M’s, mindfulness, meditation and manifestation to work through fear, failure, and setback so that they can reconnect with their inner strength and trust their voice, regardless of the circumstances that contributed to it. She empowers women to feel the fear and do “it” anyway:

— to go after the imperfect stuff
— the scary stuff
— the really fulfilling stuff

The stuff that moves you from being an observer to a leader, in your own life. Learn more about Brenda and her coaching programs here.