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We support all women including cis women, trans women, trans men, non-binary people, and those who are otherwise marginalized.

If you're here, you might consider yourself...

  • An experienced professional or consultant who wants to turn your current position into a more flexible role to meet your needs
  • Someone who has been out of the workforce for a few years and looking to dive back in, but with a role to suit an evolved lifestyle
  • A freelancer or entrepreneur looking for contracts or gigs to support your work portfolio
  • Experienced professional currently working flexibly and loving it! Looking to grow your career while maintaining that flexibility

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About Our Community

The tellent community brings together experienced female professionals and workplaces that have evolved beyond the traditional 9am – 5pm work model to connect, network and find meaningful and financially rewarding opportunities so that we can live, lead and earn on our own terms.

It is a place where we practice gratitude and radical generosity and where we have an increased ability to build, create and find new and innovative ways to live, lead and earn in more meaningful and financially rewarding ways.  

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