ELLEumni Champions: Career Impact For Women

tellent launches ELLEumni Champions to create immediate career impact for women


  • tellent ends performative gestures with a call to become an active ally for women
  • ELLEumni Champions flips the script on traditional mentorship programs
  • tellent‘s active ally campaign for ELLEumni Champions launches in time for International Women’s Day 2023


March 6, 2023

Toronto, ON – This International Women’s Day, tellent Services Inc. is putting allyship front and center with the launch of ELLEumni Champions, a career growth mentorship program designed to accelerate women’s access to jobs and opportunities. It’s time to go beyond advice and knowledge sharing and on to action – through facilitating direct connections to key decision makers. This is not a typical mentorship program.

ELLEumni Champions flips the mentorship program script by asking the mentors to take an active ally role and “Champion” their mentee’s efforts to accelerate her career. The mentees in this program are all graduates of The Propeller Experience, a career development program designed specifically to amplify the professional potential of women. 

ELLEumni Champions addresses the need for equity in recruiting and career management practices in the workforce. It encourages men and women in influential corporate roles to become an active ally in helping an experienced, professional woman secure the career role, and compensation, she deserves. 

Jennifer Hargreaves, Founder of tellent Services Inc. and creator of The Propeller Experience and ELLEumni Champions, is on a mission to remove gender equity barriers and align talented women with organizations that share their vision of diversity. 

“We believe everyone has potential to build a career that aligns with what they want. We also know it is harder for some, than others, to achieve their version of success.

So while we have progressed the individual opportunities for women and other marginalized genders across Canada through our programming, there is more we can do through active allyship to accelerate our mission,” says Jenny.

ELLEumni, is a showcase of the incredible women who have gone through The Propeller Experience and are ready for their next career adventure. ELLEumni is flipping the script on the job search process and putting the power back into the hands of the candidate, to drive their career their way. If an organization is interested in hiring one of these women, they need to be ready for some competition; employers must apply to the candidates for the opportunity to schedule an interview.

Individuals and corporate leadership teams are challenged to step up to become an ELLEumni Champion. If you wish to pledge your time and champion an ELLEumni member visit wearetellent.com/champions for more details.


About tellent

tellent connects women’s limitless potential with the professional world. We are a diversity recruitment and social impact company helping organizations attract, source and hire experienced women talent. We exist to create more equal opportunity in the workforce and accelerate women’s progress. 


About The Propeller Experience

The Propeller Experience is a career coaching program and mentorship collective designed to help women reconnect with their professional potential and gain the inner confidence and clarity needed to go after their goals, unapologetically.


The Propeller Experience was launched in response to some of the gendered damage that the pandemic had on women’s labour force participation. In doing this, the program is elevating women’s individual access to opportunity, and also creates a wider social impact on the gender gap. 


Recruitment Accelerator

The Propeller Experience is rolled out to organizations as well. tellent will partner with corporate clients to create a personalized and memorable candidate recruitment experience to source, attract and ultimately win experienced women talent, at scale. 




Media Contact:

Jennifer Hargreaves

CEO of tellent

(416) 802-9747