Consultation on right to request flexible work

The way Canadians work is changing. The way Canadians live is changing. It’s about recognizing that we can increase the productivity for Canadians and protect their quality of life in a way that will grow the economy.

— Excerpts from a speech given by the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, on August 19, 2016, during the 42nd general election campaign.

In his pledge to give workers in federally regulated sectors the right to formally request flexible work without fear of reprimand or discrimination, the Ministry of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour issued a consultation to industry and stakeholders in May of this year (2016).

The results of the consultation were summarized in a report released in September and concluded that the government would indeed move forward on its pledge to amend Part III of the Canada Labour Code; to give workers in federally regulated sectors the right to request flexible work arrangements and explore other ways to help them better manage their work and personal lives.

Even if you are not in a federally regulated role this is good news! Justin Trudeau is a self-proclaimed feminist and is committed to retaining women in leadership and fostering better work life balance in the workplace.

And while he admits that Canada still needs to do more to reduce wage inequality, never before have we had such open support for gender equality in the workforce. I believe the time is now my friends. For those women wanting a career and a life, never before have trends and leadership aligned so well as to make that want attainable.

It isn’t happening overnight but hopefully at a greater speed now that we have a leader heavily promoting changing.