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ThinkData Works, Inc.

101-141 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON


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Build something great – build yourself

ThinkData Works, a Toronto-based company, built and maintains Namara: a data management platform enabling the enterprise to access, manage, enrich, and integrate data in order to develop new products and gain new insight. Part of our business is finding great data. Sometimes it’s in hard-to-access places – talent is no different.

We know that there are skilled individuals whose potential is untapped due to life circumstances. A career break can scare off some employers, but a driven person will always be growing, learning, and developing, no matter their employment status. That’s why we’re so excited to be involved in a returnship program with tellent.

Passionate, motivated women need more and better channels through which to reach their potential. ThinkData wants to create that opportunity, and share in that success. Applications for our returnship program are now open. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at careers@thinkdataworks.com.

Bryan Smith & Brendan Stennett

“We’re committed to ensuring women who have taken a career break have every opportunity to succeed here”

Mehrsa Golestaneh
Principal Data Scientist

We’re a ‘work first’ office, but we know that balance is key, and we understand that life doesn’t always fit outside a nine-to-five. We offer flexible hours, flexible days, and flexible contracts to make sure you’ve got time to find that perfect life-work balance.

Our team is made up of driven, talented individuals who want to create, improve, and share something innovative. We expect applicants to come with skills they already possess — from studies, the workplace, and the real world — and a willingness to learn and develop new ones.

“this company understands that life is not only about work.”

I’m originally from Brazil, and around a month after I joined, my son was born. It was a really stressful period in my life, but I had total support from Brendan and Bryan. The company sponsored me and handled all the immigration paperwork.

–  Derich Pacheco
Software Engineer

This is a continuation of your professional journey. You have a lot to bring to the table and the knowledge you have already will help us grow as a company. We too easily forget that our experiences outside our careers are just as valuable as our professional experience. With this in mind, come to ThinkData Works ready to learn something new, to enrich your existing skills, and to build your professional network.

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