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2216 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON

Number of Employees

We believe in you. You should too.

We are equal parts growth consultants, integrated advertising agency, and technology company. For companies and organizations with an openness to change. We get excited about getting to work with these companies to help them calm the storm, stay ahead of the curve, and ultimately grow. As we phrase it: turn heads. turn opinions. turn the tide.

As a company we believe in doing things less conventionally, including how and where we find talent. There is a wealth of untapped talent that never make it to the interview stage. Forces like hiring biases on the company side, or a lack of confidence on the candidate side can play a huge role in the ability for women to find meaningful work after a career break.

We believe that given the opportunity and support, these women can be tremendous. That is why we have partnered with tellent to offer a 12 week paid training grant.

Malina Kaija

Returning to work was one of the toughest things I have ever done

Working at the Turn Lab has been confirmation of me ‘knowing’ my worth in the workplace and assurance of my capabilities. Returning to work can be a scary prospect. Often a leap of faith and false confidence is required….. but it’s definitely worth it!

The flexibility and supportive environment has allowed me to be a present parent, leverage my previous skills and experiences and grow into new opportunities.

Angela, five year career break

Our Return to Work Program

We approached tellent with an idea to create an opportunity that was specifically designed to assist women re-entering or exploring new avenues in the workforce. The opportunity is as unique as the challenges women face in making a successful and intentional re-entry and has been designed as such. We understand that as life changes, so may your goals and career aspirations.

About the Program

We are offering 12-week paid contract position in partnership with tellent. Our team of experts will provide real world job specific training to give returners greater confidence, deeper experience, and broader depth of knowledge for their career tool kit.

tellent will support the transition of the returner throughout the duration of the contract with a customized coaching program. We don’t expect you to know it all. We do expect curiosity, professionalism and an eagerness to learn. With the support of our team and ongoing external mentorship, returners leave the program with a leg up in pursuing the next stage of their career.

Applications for the scholarship will open mid-February. 

Together, we will empower you to become the most confident versions of yourself. Focused and ready to embark on your next career adventure.

We will support you through

  • Three day per week opportunity
  • Customized and flexible working hours
  • Weekly check-ins with direct manger
  • Professional network development

Howard, one of our co-founders, was refreshingly open-minded and didn’t view my background as a weakness but a strength

I immigrated from Ukraine last year with over seven years of international marketing experience. We chose Canada because of its reputation for being open minded and inclusive.

I was astounded by the bias of the hiring managers throughout my job search process. theturnlab was a different story – they focused on what I had to offer vs. what I “didn’t” and saw my less conventional background as an advantage. They make you feel like part of the team, like you are contributing more than just your skills but are building something bigger, together.

Sergey, new Canadian.

Working with Us.

We’re ambitious. We defy the current.

We’re a small company that thinks big in our ethos and ambition to change the world. We also have great perks like flexible work options, getting paid to bike to work, fully loaded benefits, four-day summer long weekends, and a beer and wine fridge that never empties – except on days when two rounds of revisions turns into ten.

Diversity is baked into our DNA




Asian and South
East Asian




Mixed Race

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