It wasn’t you, it was me. Back from a health break.

by Jennifer Hargreaves

This year I burnt out. I suffered from six months of insomnia as I tried to do it all… To start a business (for the first time), raise my kids (aged three and four and at home with me) and manage my household with a partner who travels for work (a lot!) and who would prefer that I did not work. By the spring I knew that I had to take a break from tellent, to consider what it is that I really want from my career and my life, without a very real cost to my personal health. Does any of this sound familiar?!

And then this summer I did what I didn’t think I would do … I applied for a “proper job”.  I applied for a full-time role in a traditional corporate environment. It was clear that if I took this role, I would have to give up tellent. Giving up the flexibility that I currently have to drive my own results, to work to my own schedule and to pursue something I am extremely passionate about. I turned down the position and now I am feeling a new momentum and seeing myself show up as a more committed and determined entrepreneur.

“If I have been absent now you know why – It’s not you, it’s me.”

In pursuit of the tellent mission, we need data to demonstrate the opportunity that exists and so I have launched a survey. How work can work better for women. If you think that companies can do better, can support flexible work solutions and return to work programs for women then show your support – complete this survey and share it with 3 friends or better yet your entire network!

This survey’s objective is illumination for companies as to what professional women want from their employers and testimony that the war for talent will be won by creating more flexible workplaces. You will be adding your voice to the over 400 respondents so far, who know that together we can drive change.

My mission is the same. I want to help the masses of smart, talented and professional women who want and need more flexible jobs, to find the opportunities that will allow them to contribute in meaningful ways.

I will continue to advocate for making workplaces work better for women. That I promise you.