How to Action Change in your Career

Are you overwhelmed? Feeling frustrated, resentful… both at work and at home? Don’t ignore these common signs that it is time for a change.

“If you don’t know what you want, you’re destined to have what you don’t want.”

Mary Legakis Engel joined us last week for a live stream to discuss how to recognize signs that it is time for a change and offered us some concrete steps for getting started. Here are the highlights.

  1. Ask yourself some simple questions to define what it is that you want. This can be as easy as keeping a “want” journal and writing down everything that you want – from world peace to a glass of orange juice. Capture it all! If you would like more concrete prompts, request a free Personal Life Guide template from Mary.
  2. The key to manifesting what it is that you want is to listen to your heart and go after it. Work backwards from there. Don’t commit but make a plan. Think about what training is needed, the financial implications of change and the impact on your family. There is no cost, no commitment and there should be no fear in making a plan.
  3. Every new opportunity comes with its own challenges. Manage your expectations and go into this process with your eyes open. The best way to learn more is by networking. Be interested and ask questions of your network. It is human nature to want to reciprocate.
  4. Be risk conscious, not risk adverse. Don’t quit your job and dive right in with out a plan. One of our members used design thinking to develop mini career experiments where she “tried on” different types of work.

Finally, if you are stuck the chances are that what got you to this point in life, the thinking and behaviours, are not the same ones that are going to get you to your next stage. You deserve happiness. Work on this project with someone, a coach, a friend or a colleague – have them ask you questions and help you to identify the habits that you may need to over come to attain the success and happiness that you want.

Mary runs a 5 week online Transition Bootcamp for $147 that will guide you through this entire process. Tellent members receive 25% off using the code TBSAVE25. A very wise and economical investment!

If you have any questions for Mary or myself, please ask them in the comment box on the live stream and we will get back to you! I invite you to share your stories, challenges and successes. We are a community of women with similar experiences and can learn so much from each other. If you’re not a tellent member, please join on facebook or by signing up here.

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