Achieving Flow with Cheryl Himburg

I was a single mom, raising two children, 100% of their time with me, and building a corporate career. My days started early, ran late, with a lingering overwhelmed feeling throughout it all. Heard the saying, raise your children like you don’t have a job, and build your career like you don’t have children?

Trying to do it all was killing me, literally. You don’t need to be a single mom to experience this. So often, we sacrifice ourselves to close that gap, not comfortable stepping away to take care of our health or families – instead, pushing through to the point of burnout, so that we can be “successful.”  How counterproductive is that?!  

Burnout was diagnosed as a “medical disease” in 2019, and is about doing too much of everything; trying to be all things to everyone. Desperately striving for “balance” instead of focusing on the critical elements that have the most impact. The challenge is we tend to do what we’ve always done, without questioning if it’s really the right and most impactful decision, and if it is truly supporting us. “A quick tip? Take a pause, ask yourself: how, if at all, is this action supporting my goal?”  

My burnout was significant. When I was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, I had never heard of it before. Coles note, I permanently burned out my adrenal system due to prolonged periods of high levels of stress. For me, burnout was not something I could just bounce back from. It’s not a case of resting, taking a vacation or hiring a weekly house cleaner. There is no “fix,” it’s medications and lifestyle adaptation. Dealing with all that on top of being the sole breadwinner- no stress there!

Then something happened. It sounds cliché, but I read a book and it changed my life; the way I viewed goal planning and executing, not just for myself but for my teams. It allowed me to identify the areas that mattered most to me, both personally and professionally, and to show up in those places with my best, consistently. It empowered me to ask for help and be specific about what that looked like. And the most significant thing of all, the feeling of being overwhelmed that had been haunting me daily, was gone! 

“Then something happened…  I read a book and it changed my life…”

I delved further, trying it in various situations; planning a personal health goal, career goal, and ultimately drawing in my team. Over and over I saw success due to increased focus and productivity on the RIGHT things that matter MOST. It gave me the ability to say no, or not right now, and helped me achieve goals up to 4x faster. And then I achieved it; flow! That’s right, not the unsustainable idea of balance. Instead I had found a way to create flow that worked for me, my family, my career. This enabled me to share my best in the key areas of my personal and professional life. When one required more of my time and focus, the other areas didn’t crumble.

“I had found a way to create flow that worked for me, my family, my career.”

Ten years of implementing, and I was sold! What is this book, you’re wondering? It’s called The 12 Week Year, and I believe so deeply in its ability to provide a foundation for transformation that I became a certified trainer. A cool side note – I am the only person certified in Canada!

How can this methodology help YOU to achieve your goals, visions of greatness, and work/life flow? Whether you are an individual transitioning back into the workforce, or a professional looking to level up your career, maybe you’re leading a team, or running a business, it can help you…

  • define your goals and pinpoint the critical actions to achieve them
  • develop a clear, tactical, actionable plan
  • identify the critical things to be doing- instead of feeling overwhelmed; spinning in circles trying to do a bit of everything hoping something sticks 

Post burnout, I realized something I was missing all along was access to women in positions of leadership above me who were interested in mentorship or sponsorship. I vowed that I would change this; that it didn’t need to be a “culture” of me against you. I decided to address the needs and challenges we face as women professionals, people leaders, and business owners, by creating CEO Day’s and the CEO Accelerator; where we support each other and create your 12-week goal. 

CEO Day’s 

High-level masterminds held quarterly. It is a space where we challenge leadership assumptions, developing through shared learning and conversation. Where you can safely raise your hand and declare you are crushing it and we CELEBRATE you, and equally, share you are drowning, and we dive in and SUPPORT you. And of course, you create a 12-week goal and plan to achieve it over the next 90 days — a true space of community and collaboration over competition. 

The CEO Accelerator 

A 12-month program for women high-performers that truly want to level up. The program includes CEO Day’s, customized, one on one support, a strategic procedure to capitalize on your time, an execution plan for your ambitious goals, and the support to shatter YOUR glass ceiling and achieve ambitious results. Your next level takes effort, planning, and a mindset shift, but it also takes support. 

Are you in a highly competitive industry where you don’t feel safe/comfortable to share ideas, for fear of being deemed incapable? Is most of your training done in a group setting?  Are they talking about problems/challenges that don’t apply to you? Do your business goals align with your personal ambitions? 

Welcome to the table; there is a seat reserved for you.  Learn more about Cheryl here.