About tellent

tellent is a diversity recruitment and social impact company striving to close the talent gap in the new work economy. We work with flexible work opportunity seekers and businesses to make work, work better for everyone.

Our mission is to increase women’s economic contribution, progress gender equity and prepare companies for evolving workforce trends to stay competitive in the Future of Work.

Our job board and virtual networking platform support your journey.  If you’re transitioning to flexible work in a similar role, a freelance or contract worker looking to grow your current portfolio of clients, or you are looking to start something new that fits your life; we can help.  We bring together experienced female professionals and workplaces that have evolved beyond the traditional 9 am – 5 pm work model to help you find meaningful and financially rewarding work you love - that works for you.

We also work with employers and businesses to develop long-term, flexible work policies and leadership models for engaged workplace cultures, increased equity, and cost savings through our consulting services.

Our team

Jennifer Hargreaves

Jennifer Hargreaves

Hi, Jenny here! I am the Founder and CEO of tellent. I am an entrepreneur and problem solver committed to connecting and bridging work opportunities for professional women in the new economy. In 2016 I launched tellent with a mission to change the way that work works for women and to create more inclusive and equal opportunities to earn.

Driven by a passion to make meaningful connections and generate new opportunities for growth, I have built and support this growing community of over 8,000 professional job seekers, freelancers and employers that understand, value and promote flexible work. We have a pool of top-class talent looking for inclusive workplaces and flexible opportunities.

I am an enthusiastic contributor on topics pertaining to the progression women in the workforce and the rise of the gig economy and represented Canada at the Canada-US Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders roundtable in New York. I have also designed and facilitated several roundtable discussions with representatives from companies such as #Movethedial, TD Bank, LoyaltyOne and Randstad Canada around topics such as innovation, leadership and talent planning in the future of work.

My professional experience spans three continents across brand strategy and international market development. While my primary school teachers didn’t appreciate my questions challenging “why”, I embrace that curiosity and the perspective that comes with challenging the status quo to create impactful and lasting change. Get in touch at Jennifer@wearetellent.com

tellent Advisory Board

Vandana Juneja

Vice President, Global Facilitation & Client Impact at Catalyst Inc.

Steph Morgan

Head of Auto Ventures at RBC Ventures

Annisha Chakravorty

CEO, Positive Influence Incorporated

Julie Branscombe

Inclusion, Culture & Talent Leader at Ontario Teachers Pension Plan

Vanessa Serra Iarocci

President at McCarthy Uniforms Inc.

Chor Lam

Director at OMERS Cares

Our Time is Now

The way we work has evolved, firmly putting the concept of a fixed workday out of date. For most professions physically being at an office to do your job within fixed hours is unnecessary, unproductive and unattractive to most job seekers.

In a future where people are predicted to be the most valuable resource, companies are rethinking how to attract and retain talent while that talent are re-imagining what it means to work. tellent sits at the intersection of three major workforce trends in this Future of Work, helping companies to adapt future ready workforce strategies and finding future ready talent.

  1. Flexible Work. Flexibility at work has shifted from an emerging trend to a hallmark in the Future of Work. Not just in how and where employees do a job but how companies scale their teams up and down through the gig economy to meet their business goals.  

  2. Skills Gap. With the digitalization of our economy and increasing pace of technological change, comes the need to adapt and iterate at amazing speeds. The skills you needed last quarter to succeed in your company may no longer be the skills you need this quarter. The ability to attract, engage and retain the skillset and resources you need is critical to staying competitive. It means that companies need to start looking beyond a postcode or city boundary to access those skills.

  3. Diversity of thought. The workforce is becoming more diverse with international barriers dissolving, more women in the workforce and an increasing range of ages actively engaged in work. Having diverse talent adds tremendous value to organizations through innovation, productivity and access to skills.

Why women?

It is imperative that, as workforce planning strategies evolve, equal access to benefits and opportunities are created for both men and women. tellent has chosen to focus on women, or individuals identified as female, because we are on a mission to accelerate progress for women’s economic development. We address challenges in our community that impede equal opportunity to workforce contribution and offer support through developmental programming that goes beyond the structure of work and job design.