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About tellent

tellent is a community and resource for professional women to pursue career and life ambitions through access to flexible work and return to work programs. We provide the tools, support, and opportunities to make this happen. It is the only actionable service of its kind in Canada.

Our mission at tellent is to create a resource that can connect women to companies that will support both career aspirations and personal commitments without bias or discrimination. We offer the necessary tools to support women on their journey to success, however that is defined. We offer live stream events, tutorials, flexible job postings and a forum with inspiring stories from other women pursuing their career ambitions and their personal goals. See more here.

This is not a one-sided mission. We work with companies across Canada to make workplaces more flexible, to attract and retain a pipeline of talented women by implementing policies that will enable female leaders to thrive both in and out of the workplace. Find out more about how we are doing this.

Our Team


Jennifer Hargreaves

Jennifer is the Founder & CEO of tellent. She is a champion and advocate for women in the workplace and our chief problem solver.

Jennifer is solutions focussed with a bias toward action and challenging the status quo. She partners with like-minded companies to create innovative and impactful talent and recruitment strategies. She is driven by purpose with a mission to keep professional women engaged in the workforce in meaningful ways and inspired to lead.

Jennifer’s professional background spans four continents across brand strategy and international market development. Get in touch at Jennifer@wearetellent.com

Allison Lockett

Allison is the Chief People Developer at tellent. She develops human potential. Allison directly transforms the raw talent in our community into confident and focused candidates ready to embark on their next career adventure. With infectious positivity and a spirit of possibility, Allison creates high-impact programs and resources to help women pursue their career and life ambitions with intention and purpose.

Her professional experience includes building and leading compensation and talent programs for companies ranging from startup to multi-nationals. Connect with Allison at Allison@wearetellent.com

Beth Yarzab

Beth Yarzab is our Recruitment Partner at tellent. With a background in Executive Search, Recruitment, Human Resources and Coaching, Beth has over 15 years experience in the talent acquisition space. In addition to her deep curiosity about anything career related, Beth is also passionate about human wellness. She is multi-certified fitness professional with a group exercise business running in Toronto.

Beth provides talent acquisition services to tellent clients in need of top-tier talent including candidate sourcing and interviewing.

tellent Advisory Board 

Kirstine Stewart, Executive Committee World Economic Forum, Head of Media, Entertainment and Information Sectors

Steph Morgan, Vice President. HigherMe

Vandana Juneja, Senior Director. Catalyst Inc.

Terri Howard, Director of Human Resources. BASF Canada

Julie Branscombe, Talent & Diversity. TD Bank Group

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Our Time is Now

Not only do women have the skills needed to lead successfully in this competitive knowledge economy, but the timing is right. tellent exists at the intersection of three massive shifts human resource management.

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  1. Flexible working opportunities. The way that we work is changing largely due to technology and generational values. Increased control over one’s work schedule is resulting in increased productivity and financial benefit to employers. Employers not only differentiate themselves with flex options in order to attract and retain top talent but they increase productively and cost savings.
  2. Diversity in corporate leadership. The value that women in leadership can bring to an organisation has gone beyond theory to proven with better financial performances and integrity. Despite modest improvements since 2012 women are still underrepresented at every level in the corporate pipeline, and the disparity is greatest at senior levels. We are at a tipping point in Canada with support from government, business, and community to increase the representation of women in senior level roles and to encourage women to Lean In.
  3. More women in the workforce. The percentage of families in Canada with two parents working with at least one child has almost doubled in the past 40 years, according to Statistics Canada. This is having a direct impact on employment policy, labour conditions and social perceptions of gender roles. More women are staying engaged in the workforce throughout their careers, and government-backed initiatives are revolutionising how we work in order to accommodate the change.

Why women? Based on the trends above you could argue that men, just as much as women, want access to flex work and strive for better work-life integration. Tellent is focused on women because we continue to face greater bias and discrimination in the workforce and greater challenges in getting and staying in leadership roles.


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