A Chat with Career Coach Darcy Roberts

It’s never too late.

Great advice, and even more poignant coming from Darcy Roberts – one of tellent’s amazing career coaches – who at the age of 50 acknowledged that she was on the wrong career path and decided to do something about it. 

When she turned 50, Darcy took a trip to Morocco to celebrate. It was there that she got to speaking with a group of British tourists who all seemed to love their work. Darcy tells me she sat in the Sahara and cried because of how much she did not want to return to her job. Can you relate?

Within weeks of leaving her administrative career (work she was immensely good at) she discovered coaching; a path that she now says was obvious all along. But what sticks out for Darcy during this time, is the idea that you can be very good at something, but not really enjoy it.

“This can be a trap – this natural skill that you don’t particularly enjoy.”

She vowed then to do something she wasn’t just good at, but loved. 

There’s a Japanese concept called Ikigai or “reason for being,” that explains this perspective. Darcy says the sweet spot of the Ikigai concept is the overlapping circles which include what you love, what you’re good at, what you can be paid for and what the world needs.

This circle is so small, which is why we need to be intentional and thoughtful when it comes to thinking about the work you want to do.

So how does Darcy help her clients follow their own reason for being? Well, making such big life changes can be a scary prospect, but she infuses a lot of fun into it. She refers to humour as oxygen, because it’s a value so important to her that without it she can’t breathe.

“If I can’t crack a joke or laugh, I’m miserable”

She loves helping people see the possibility of a different career with a personalized approach that’s fun.

With over 100 clients she’s seen women make a lot of brave changes. A current client has recently left the proverbial rat race and is now making her side hustle as a bookkeeper her full time work.

“I hadn’t ever seen her really smile until the day she walked into our meeting and started talking about the possibility of bookkeeping. And I want to see more smiles from my clients!”

So some sound words of advice from a woman who has followed her own path to happiness?

“Don’t spend another Sunday dreading the work week…feeling stuck and miserable. It’s possible to find your way to work you love. The world is waiting for you to get organized – and passionate – about what matters to you!”

Learn more about Darcy, her passions and her services at https://spiralbydesign.ca/