Becoming a Legend: On doing it all

Finding the Harmony

There are many ways to be successful in our careers and personal life. Recently, tellent sat down with three career-driven women who are successfully employed in a flexible work environment (watch the video here). What became clear during our conversation is that there are three main themes to being a legend and “doing it all” Stella Fong, Senior Human Resources Manager from P&G made an excellent point when she quoted Oprah Winfrey “You can have it all; just not all at once.” While this is true, the key to being effective in our career and our lives really boils down to three principles- structure, transparency and effectiveness.

“You can have it all; just not all at once”


As women, we often complain about the “mental load” that weighs us down with finding harmony in our everyday lives. We’re always thinking about not being enough, the appointments we need to make, or the next step in our days. By having structure, each of these women are able to pursue their own passions while making an impact at work. For Megan Fielding, Senior Communications Manager at Telus, structure means being upfront with her employer about her theatre schedule. “Listen, I’m out right now, but I can have that to you tomorrow.” For Stella and myself, it’s dinner time with our young families. Carving out time for the non-negotiables ensures that your time is prioritized. It is non-negotiable!


Being open and honest with all your life parties is the best way to show you are in control and know the pressing issues at hand. Stella described discussions she has with her husband about their goals, knowing they need to re-visit them at regular intervals so he is also fulfilled in his career. Being transparent with your employer about your objectives for work is also important- Megan described Commitment Based Management (imagine!) where she sits down with her manager and outlines how she will meet her personal tasks through working from home or elsewhere. Offering ideas and being part of the solution to issues that arise also show commitment to your career.

Being Effective

Choosing your battles may be the most important message of all. Sometimes being bold with a “no” to some aspect of your life is all you need to make your life a little bit easier (always remembering to follow no, with a “why”). Make sure you are taking care of yourself – whether it’s a trip to the gym or another mindfulness activity. Be conscious of the fact that life happens; sometimes it’s necessary to work at home with kids at your feet, or take a call during a rehearsal. If you are present in the moment, that’s when you can focus on the task you need to do. And it is more than ok to speak up when you need help from someone in your life.

Above all, remember that we’re all human, and we need a community to support us. tellent is committed to bringing more flexible work options and we are strength in numbers. Share this with a friend, and be sure you are on our mailing list– you never know, you may be the next success story we get to share!