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Jennifer Hargreaves. Founder of tellent.

tellent is bridging the gap to dramatically change the landscape for women at work. We support women and diverse genders in carving a unique path to work that aligns with their life, goals and aspirations while connecting them with Champion Employers, organizations and clients that align with that vision.

With a network of over 10,000 professional career women, job seekers, freelancers and entrepreneurs, we provide the tools, support and job opportunities that enable them to pursue their unique career ambitions. From negotiating flexible work structures to transitioning to freelance, we support women with the tools they need to thrive in the new workforce!

We are also proud to work with innovative organizations who are looking to recruit and retain diverse and skilled talent. Through our recruitment services and Champion Employer offerings, we help businesses stand out as employers of choice in a competitive market! Book a discovery call with tellent founder, Jennifer Hargreaves here.

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