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An online community and resource for professional women to pursue flexible careers.

Jennifer Hargreaves. Founder of Tellent.

We are a community of individuals with big ambition and talent. We are professional women committed to flexible employment scenarios. We are mothers, athletes, entrepreneurs, students, and volunteers. We believe that technology and a modern attitude towards the workplace can give companies an edge in today’s competitive struggle to find and retain the best talent.

At tellent we provide the tools, support and jobs to make this happen.


I am tellent

I am a professional woman looking for an exceptional organisation that offers flexible employment and career growth. I want to join a community of people like me who believe that achievement in the workplace doesn’t have to prevent achievement as a mother, daughter, athlete or community member. I am eager to define my own success, to learn about the things I can do to reach my goals and to be inspired by others who have pursued their achievements.


I need tellent

I represent a forward thinking company looking to attract and retain the best talent. I believe that customized work styles results in a more engaged and productive workforce. I support and recognize that employing a diverse workforce is good for business and good for the community.


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